At Chez Dré all of our breads are made in-house using traditional artisan methods that involve organic flours & long fermentation times. our sourdough levain or ‘starter’ is fed twice daily, our loaves are hand shaped & left to prove in either traditional ‘banneton’ baskets or heavy linen ‘couche’. these techniques combined with baking on a stone based deck oven enables our bakers to achieve breads that have a rich depth; unique flavour profile; dark caramel coloured crusts & lower gluten content.



baguette de tradition (400g)

made with organic wheat flour, spelt levain & the smallest amount of yeast, our baguettes are bulk fermented overnight to develop a unique depth of flavour. this produces a creamy, soft-open crumb with a sweet-nutty flavour & crisp crust


ciabatta (600g)

mount zero abquina olive oil is added to our baguette dough base, producing a lighter crumb with a rich & crisp olive oil crust


country loaf (800g)

made with organic white flour, purple wheat & a twice-fed wholemeal stone-ground sourdough, this loaf is fermented over 48 hours to develop complex flavours & a medium open crumb with a golden, shiny crust


seeded (800g)

packed with pumpkin, sunflower, black & white sesame & black mustard seeds then rolled in puffed quinoa. this loaf has a moist crumb, sweet & nutty flavour & mustard aroma


fruit loaf (1kg)

apricots, figs, cranberries, currants & dates are combined with a sourdough base producing a wonderfully dense & fruity loaf


brioche (400g)

a buttery base enriched with eggs results in a soft & fluffy dough. our brioche is unique due to it’s ‘secret’ blend of alcohols & aromatics (only available on saturday & sunday)


michette (1.5kg)

this loaf is dominated by ‘ancient grains’ of spelt, purple wheat & khorasan, a thick caramel crust keeps this bread fresh for a number of days